The Museum of Jurassic Technology Website Redesign

Student Project.  My first exploration into UX/UI design.  A redesign of the Museum of Jurassic Technology's main website. I stayed true to the overall muted colors and mood of the museum's physical location; giving the viewer a much clearer online experience.

Art direction - Dontae Mahoney

Design - Dontae Mahoney


ABCs FOR XYZs, Website

A web experience to complement my book. Features links for further reading on the words, along with a product shop.

View the prototype:

Art direction - Dontae Mahoney

Design - Dontae Mahoney

The GiG App, 2018

I designed a location based job finding mobile application

called “GIG”. It would attempt to solve the problem of commute times and traffic/public transit frustrations by giving users access to

available positions at companies in their immediate vicinity.

It’s like a “Tinder for Jobs”.

Researched, and created over four weeks, the app features a sliding scale of the job location’s access to public transport, traffic density, and walk-ability. Users are able to link portfolios and resumes to their profile on the app and swipe or tap to apply or pass on available positions.